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Who we are

Your motor car is something very special … It’s always there when you need it. It never complains when it’s left out in the hot sun or winter rain. It’s even there when you have to go somewhere late at night.

The motor car today is far more complex and specialised than ever before and requires expert and often unique attention. That’s why regular servicing is so important.

Laz keresztesi is an experienced auto technician with extensive knowledge of the motor repair industry and believes service maintenance should be tailored to your driving conditions, budget and how long you intend to keep the vehicle.

The workshop hawthorn was established 23 years ago to present an alternative to the regimented, mass-produced car services currently offered across the country.

Unlike many auto repair shops, laz believes in putting his customer’s wants and needs above all else by offering service which is personal and individualised. He doesn’t necessarily follow the repair industry “standards” because those standards only tend to satisfy around 1/3 of the population.

These industry standards and some “fixed price” options tend to be misleading in an attempt to cut costs, yet often prove to be far more expensive and have little regard for the long term life of the vehicle.

Many customers are surprised to learn that vehicle manufacturers actually recommend two completely different service schedules for their vehicles.

One is the regular manufacturer’s schedule and the other for more severe driving conditions.

Car manufactures say severe driving conditions occur when…

  • Trips are less than 10 km
  • Where engine speed is low most of the time
  • Stop/start driving (today’s traffic congestion means we do lots of that)
  • You regularly tow a trailer, carry heavy loads or have a car top carrier
  • Driving in very hot or extremely cold weather conditions
  • Your vehicle operates at high speed highway driving or in dusty areas

As you can see the correct service schedule for your vehicle has a lot to do with how you drive and where you drive.

The team at the workshop hawthorn spend a considerable amount of time during each service compiling a history of driving conditions, customer aspirations, past problems and current issues.

This enables them to use their skill and knowledge to provide the best and most economical solution for the long term benefit of their customers not some “one size fits all” service schedule.

At the workshop hawthorn, our team of fully qualified, dedicated and honest mechanics work tirelessly to ensure your automotive repairs are done right and as quickly as possible.

Working will all brands and specialising in all areas of automotive, including 4wd and passenger vehicles, you can be rest assured we will be able to help.

Our camberwell junction location nestled in hawthorn east, offers fantastic convenience and easy transportation. We offer our valued customers free pick-up and delivery and are willing to go the extra mile by offering an extended warranty on our services. So, if you have a question or need to book your vehicle in then please don’t hesitate to speak with a workshop automotive professional today!

Call us today or book your car for a service.
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